All the ingredients of a brand revolution

Creative workshops on brand opportunities for Premier Foods

Case study

"Within a month of completing the creative workshops, Premier Food's brand teams were already developing new product concepts to test with consumers."

Premier Foods, owner of a UK brand portfolio that includes such household names as Mr Kipling, Ambrosia and Batchelors, needed to put consumers at the centre of their ten-year plan for growth, to ensure these well-loved brands stayed relevant in consumers’ lives.

We used in-depth qualitative and complex quantitative techniques to build a multi-category landscape framework, drawing on – among others – the key elements of occasions, needs and consumer typologies. We built it to be fit-for-purpose for today, but crucially also future-proofed it for tomorrow.

The resultant framework was strategically important and rich with potential.  But it couldn’t just be left to work its own way into the organisation’s business culture. Ultimately, the outputs needed to be honed and owned by brand teams. The tools we created, and the thinking they inspired, had to command the confidence of senior management and then had to deliver for multiple functional teams.

So we developed a series of presentations, informal sessions and full-on creative workshop events to enable the right people to encounter and interact with the outputs in the right way. Everything we provided and did was optimised to ensure the framework took root.

We challenged teams’ thinking to make sure the resultant brand challenges and opportunities were properly understood in depth and could be built into their strategy. We left only when the framework was fully owned as a language throughout the business – as something teams could instinctively work with and derive implications and actions from.

Within a month of completing the creative workshops, Premier Food’s brand teams were already developing new product concepts to test with consumers.