Getting to the heart of healthcare strategy

We approach healthcare strategy by putting people first. Taking a human-centric and empathetic view, we connect with the individuals behind the healthcare labels: ‘patient’, ‘clinician’, ‘payer’. That’s how we successfully inform strategies and tactics that create real lasting change.
Our research capabilities

Research to inform your decision making

Designing bespoke research projects; executing deep-dive data exploration; collating the facts and figures that make a difference. That’s where Incite thrives.

Our planning capabilities

Planning to achieve your business ambitions

Success begins with smart planning and strategic implementation. We encourage our clients to take a human-centric approach — using the power of their people to stimulate business growth.


On the frontline with Hannah, ICU nurse

The pandemic has transformed healthcare forever. We sat down with frontline workers to listen to the challenges they’ve faced, their hopes for the future, and the impact of COVID-19 as they see it today.

The Pharma Sales Rep: a changing role in an evolving landscape

Our clients, and the physicians who interact with them, face a number of challenges unique to their industry. We’re committed to addressing these hurdles, forgoing the status quo in search of a smarter healthcare future.
Lizzie Eckardt (London)Hannah Potter (London)Sarah Rosen (London)Matt N (New York)Katherine B (New York)
Collaborative, passionate, and diverse, our Health team is dedicated to reimagining an industry that benefits us all.