Setting intentions for ESOMAR Congress 2019

Intention setting is all the rage suddenly, but for good reasons. Setting intentions helps create a clear direction. It makes us more organised, focused and mindful of our actions.

As I am trying to implement intention setting in all aspects of my life, Congress is the perfect opportunity to put this into practice. Below are five intentions for Congress 2019:

1 / Be more present

I’ve been going to conferences for the past four years. They are fun and enriching, but they are also challenging: I’m usually out of the office for several days and, with projects ongoing, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being half ‘in’ the office checking emails or taking calls and half at the event (which in reality means I am not really anywhere). This time will be different. I want to (really) listen to the talks and to meet people during networking breaks – not just look at my phone. My intention is to only check my email and Slack three times a day: in the morning before Congress starts, right after lunch, and in the afternoon once talks finish.

2 / Take only what I need

I want to enjoy Congress more sustainably. Breakfast buffets at hotels are great but are a big source of food waste; conferences in themselves are wonderful events for promoting businesses but goodie bags and giveaways can often be wasteful. This time I intend to take only what I really need – that means passing on a second croissant and not taking unnecessary USB sticks or tote bags.

3 / Make time to see Edinburgh

Between talks, luncheons, workshops and networking coffees it is tricky to escape the conference venue during daylight hours. This year I intend to see more of Edinburgh. During the day there isn’t much spare time so I will go for runs early in the mornings and short walks during breaks to breathe some fresh Scottish air.

4 / Write a daily reflection

At the end of each day, I will take 30 minutes to reflect on what I’ve learnt, and I will share my thoughts here.

5 / Enjoy

This one is self-explanatory, and I know it won’t be difficult because the ESOMAR team has worked hard to put together an exciting Congress.

I invite you to join me in any (or all) of these or, even better, to create your own intentions for Congress 2019, and let me know how it goes.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!