Human-centric insights

It might sound obvious, but research and insights have to start with a sound understanding of people.

To see what that means it’s helpful to think about two ways it often goes wrong:

1 / Research that treats people as consumers first rather than people
2 / Failing to apply human understanding to how we help stakeholders use insights

Starting people-first yields insights that are richer and more commercially valuable precisely because they engage with the things that really matter to consumers – even (or especially) if that’s not your brand and your category.

Read more about some of the tools we use to deliver more human-centric insights:

  • Empathy mapping – to understand people’s worlds as they see them
  • Our Behaviour Change model – to link business goals with personal context
  • Creating Unlocking Insights – to deliver powerful insights that drive commercial success
A worksheet called 'The empathy map' which is used to generate human insights for research

And applying this human-centric, people-first lens to the way we deliver is no less crucial.

For insight to deliver value it must be heard, understood, and acted on. We apply the skills and tools of effective consumer communication – understanding your audience and choosing the message and the medium that works for the job at hand – to how we communicate with stakeholders.

Read more about a human-centric approach to working with clients and each other

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